Review of the Top 500 Welcome Bonus Casino Canada 2024

If you could call a mega bonus jackpot, then a 500 bonus casino reward is exactly what it should look and feel like. The largest possible reward on any gambling site is what we are dealing with now. But can it be all that good with no terms and conditions is the real question here? It is something for us to find an answer to and you to read. So dig in to know all the little and not so little things about the XXXL sized welcome reward, the 500 bonus casino reward below.

Welcome bonus
100% UP TO 100€/$
+ 100 Free Spins

The List of Best Casino Bonus Canada 2024

500% Deposit Bonus Casino Description
MR. Green You can get up to $1200 and 200 free spins on registration with the welcome reward. The site is particularly a favorite amongst mobile players and comes with prompt customer support.
Casimba With more than 1000 games in its library, Casimba offers rewards of up to 6500 CAD besides giving 125 free spins for slots to gamblers.
Go Slotty The gambling site is known for its 500 bonus casino reward, where you can get up to $500 on your first deposit.
Mansion Casino The site is known for offering massive rewards to users. For example, you can win up to $5000 with the welcome rewards alone.
Jackpot City Casino A popular and regularly audited gambling site by eCOGRA, Jackpot City gives up to $1600 with its welcome reward.

What Do You Understand by a 500% Casino Bonus in Canadian Casino?

500 bonus casino reward is a reward or an incentive offered as a welcome gift to players registering for the first time on the respective sites. Hence called the registration bonuses, the 500 bonus casino reward gets credited to your casino wallet when you make the first deposit. Since 500 bonus casino reward means 5x, if you deposit $100 in no time, you will see the total amount in your casino wallet is not 100 but 600 CAD. The added $500 would be the reward from the gambling site.

How Does a 500% Deposit Bonus Work?

The reward is a welcome gift meaning you need to make a new registration on the site to be eligible for the reward. However, there is more to the story than what meets the eye. As mentioned before, you will need to make your first deposit to receive the reward by meeting the minimum deposit limit, which varies from site to site. It means that the reward is not an instant play bonus. Also, once you receive the 500 bonus casino reward to your gaming account, which doesn’t take much time, you cannot withdraw the money. Instead, you will have to use the reward for gaming on-site and start your journey to win real money.

What Is the Claiming Process of a 500 Casino Bonus?

The process of claiming a 500 bonus casino reward is not very long. Once you complete the registration and account creation, you will need to make a deposit. Ideally, the amount should be between the minimum limit and the number that would reward you to its maximum limit. Post completing the deposit, you will receive the 500 bonus casino reward to your gaming account. The reward encourages new players to play for real money without losing much of their own to win real money by utilizing the reward.

Which 500 Deposit Bonus Are Better than the Rest?

There are not many gambling sites offering welcome rewards as large as a 500 bonus casino reward since the competition or the options for comparison would be less. However, you will still get a few options, and if you had to choose the best out of those, it would include the ones from the most trusted sites. Also, some gambling sites offer additional rewards with a 500 bonus casino reward to make it more attractive.

How to Withdraw Your 500% First Deposit Bonus?

Withdrawing a 500 bonus casino reward is not as easy as your winnings; there are limitations since it gives you the reward to encourage playing on the site and not leave it. You can start playing with the reward immediately, but you need to meet the wagering requirements if you want to withdraw any of the amounts. Nevertheless, since a 500 bonus casino reward is a great way to reduce losses while trying to win real money on a gambling site, gamblers like to use it for the purpose.

What Benefits Do You Get With a Loyalty Program or VIP Scheme?

Joining a loyalty program or VIP scheme means getting an extension to a 500 bonus casino reward. The paid memberships give regular and yet exclusive rewards worth more than the price of the membership. Hence, it turns out to be a beneficial step for decreasing losses while increasing chances to win real money.

Can a 500 First Deposit Bonus Lapse or Expire?

Yes, a 500 bonus casino reward can expire if not used within a certain time. The expiry time and date vary from site to site. So it’s best if you check the date and time limit to save it from getting lapsed. Also, the time frame for the expiry is not very short to worry about. The date is set to encourage playing and stop new players from abandoning the site.

How Do You Find A 500 Deposit Bonus Casino?

It is a two-minute process if you visit a casino review site to see the list of best gambling sites with the offer. While you can search on the internet further, several top options are already sorted for you in the table above. And it’s even a shorter process if you have found a liking towards a particular 500 bonus casino reward offer already because then you know where to go and register yourself.

Types 500% Deposit Bonus Casino Rewards

Bonuses are of many types that are offered on gambling sites. However, a reward as big as a 500 bonus casino reward is rare and is offered only in a few variations. The most common of which is a welcome reward awarded to new players on the site on making their first deposit. There can be instances when you may get lucky to get a 500 bonus casino reward in a loyalty program on reload, but the chances are less. Another way to get a 500 bonus casino reward is through 500 free slots, which can be either an addition to the welcome package or offered separately on a different occasion.

Other Variations of Welcome Promotions You May Find

Welcome promotions are known to be the most rewarding, and hence it is natural for you to keep your eyes on them. However, while the 500 bonus casino reward is the maximum you can get, other examples of similarly valued rewards are available at different gambling sites like bonus codes. While the most popular one is the 100 match bonus, the other bonuses ranging from 200 to 400% deposit bonusess are equally good. However, the bonuses with larger rewards are rarer than the 100% deposit bonus.

Wagering Requirements at a 500 Bonus Casino

The wagering requirements are an important piece of information that you need to know before diving into the bonuses. The wagering limits are set to make withdrawing the reward almost impossible. Hence the larger the reward amount, the more the wagering requirements. However, there are new gambling sites declaring wager free rewards as well, but they are rare to find.

Which Games Can You Play With a 500% Casino Bonus?

There are no restrictions on using the 500 bonus casino reward on games unless it is 500 free spins we are talking about. Gambling sites want you to use the reward on the site by playing several games, which is why you can bet the money on any game. However, people like to gamble on the most popular games are Blackjack, Poker, and several other card games, besides Roulette and slot machines with progressive jackpots.

500 First Deposit Bonus Offers: Pros & Cons


  • 5x playing opportunities with only 1x deposit
  • More chance to win real money without losing much
  • Chance of experimenting with different games at the cost of the reward


  • Varying minimum deposit amount
  • High wagering requirements
  • Fewer options

Final Words

Since it is rare to find, a 500 bonus casino reward is undoubtedly unmissable. It’s a jackpot in itself, and hence gamblers consider this their one-time opportunity at winning the jackpot. Despite the conditions, it is beneficial because a 500 bonus casino reward increases the chances of playing and winning more without incurring real losses.

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